Propylene Glycol Food Grade 57-55-6

Classification:      Alcohol                                                   CAS No:         57-55-6
Name:                  Propylene Glycol                                   Other Name:  1,2-Propanediol
Appearance:        Colorless transparent liquid                   Purity:             99.9%
Grade Standard:  Industrial Grade, Medicine Grade         Application:     Food addictive
Brand Name:       Richest                                                   EINECS No:   200-338-0
Place of Origin:   Shanghai,China(Mainland)                     BP:                 187 °C(lit.)
MW:                     76.09                                                      MP:                 -60 °C



Propylene glycol is often used in the pharmaceutical industry as a solvent, softener and excipient in the manufacture of various ointments, ointments, etc.

Because of its good mutual solubility with various spices, it is also used as a solvent and softener in cosmetics, etc. Propylene glycol is also used as a solvent for tobacco humidifier, mildew inhibitor, lubricant for food processing equipment and food marking ink. The aqueous solution of propylene glycol is an effective antifreeze.



Usually our propylene glycol is packed in 200kg drum or 215kg drum.



Product Name propylene glycol
CAS 57-55-6
Grade USP grade, Food grade
Item Standard
Appearance viscous, clear liquid
Propyleneglycol, min content 0.997
Density at 20°C, g/cm³ 1.0381
Boiling point of Propyleneglycol 188.2°C at 760 mm Hg
Ignition temperature 99°c
Water (by Karl-Fischer), max 0.001
Acidity (CH3COOH), max. 0.00005
Hazen color of Propyleneglycol, max. 15 Hazen units
Ash content, max. 0.00001
Storage  in the shade
Packing  215kg/drum


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