Pure Natural Raw Material Riboflavin 83-88-5

Product Name:                             Riboflavin
Other Name:                                Lactoflavine; Vitamin B2
CAS No.:                                      83-88-5
EINECS No.:                                201-507-1
Molecular Formula:                      C17H20N4O6
Molecular Weight:                        376.37
Place of Origin:                            China

Structural Formula

Riboflavin 83-88-5


Riboflavin is the essential necessity for organism in normal living as the nutriment for infant, pregnant woman, nursing mother, patient after illness and the aged. Riboflavin involves and participates in the metabolism of carbonhydrate, protein and fat. It is the major composition of flavor protein, the transferring enzyme system of hydrogen. In clinical practice, Riboflavin is applicable to perleche, glossitis, ophthalmitis, conjunctivitis, seborrhea, scrotum inflammations with proper effect in food and feed industry.


(1) Riboflavin Help to improve the quality of life

(2) Riboflavin Treatment of Migraine

(3) Riboflavin Promote the development and cell regeneration

(4) Riboflavin To the skin, nails, hair, the normal growth

(5) Riboflavin To help eliminate the mouth, lips, tongue inflammation

(6) Riboflavin to enhance visual acuity, reducing eye fatigue

Item Specification

Item Specification
Appearance Orange yellow crystalline powder
Specific Rotation -1200—-1400
Lumiflavin A440≤0.025
Identification Positive
Organic Volatile Impurities Meets
Loss on Drying ≤1.5%
Residue on Ignition ≤0.3%
Heavy Metals ≤0.001%
Assay 98.0—102.0%


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