99.5% Propylene Glycol PG Supplier

Product Name:          Propylene glycol
CAS No:                    57-55-6
Appearance:             Colorless transparent liquid
Molecular Weight:     76.09
Molecular Formula:   C3H8O2
Melting Point:            -60 °C
Boiling Point:            187 °C(lit.)
EINECS No:              200-338-0
Place of Origin:         China (Mainland)
Type:                         polyester or medicine use



PG is the raw material for preparing unsaturated polyester resin, plasticizer, surface active agent, emulsifying agent and demulsifying agent. It can also be used as mould inhibitor, antiseptic for fruit, ice inhibitor and moisture preserving agent for tobacco.


Function & Application

(1)Propylene glycol is used as raw materials for resins, plasticizers, surfactants, emulsifiers and demulsifiers, as well as antifreeze and heat carriers.

(2) Propylene glycol is used as gas chromatography stationary liquid, solvent, antifreeze, plasticizer and dehydrating agent.

(3)Propylene glycol is mainly used for the extraction solvent of various spices, pigments, preservatives, vanilla bean, roasted coffee granule, natural flavor and so on. A moisturizing and softening agent for candy, bread, packaged meats, cheeses, etc.

(4) It can also be used as anti – mildew agent for noodle and filling core. Add 0.006% to soy milk, which can make the flavor unchanged when heating, and make white and glossy packaging bean curd.


Technical Parameters

Product PG CAS No 57-55-6
Quality 99.5%+ Quantity: 1ton
Test Date 2018.6.20 Quality Standard  
Testing Item Quality Standard Testing Method Results
Color Colorless GB 29216-2012 Colorless
Appearance Transparent Liquid GB 29216-2012 Transparent Liquid
Density (25℃) 1.035-1.037   1.036
Assay % ≥99.5 GB/T 4472-2011 99.91
Water % ≤0.2 GB/T 6283-2008 0.063
Acid Assay, ml ≤1.67 GB 29216-2012 1.04
Burning residue % ≤0.007 GB/T 7531-2008 0.006
Pb mg/kg ≤1 GB/T 5009.75-2003 0.000


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