Preservatives Calcium Formate For Sale 544-17-2

Product Name:            Calcium Formate         
Type:                           Preservatives
CAS No.:                     544-17-2              
Appearance:               Crystalline powder
MF:                             C2H2CaO4
Shelf Life:                   1 Year
MOQ:                          500kg
Place of Origin:           China


(1) Calcium formate is a kind of preservative which has the effect of diuretic. Calcium formate is approved by EEC countries, but not allowed in the UK.

(2) Calcium formate is used for leather tanning.

(3) Calcium formate can also be used as a feed additive, it is suitable for all kinds of animals, with acidification, anti-mildew and antibacterial effects.

(4) Calcium formate decomposes and frees formic acid in the intestines and stomach of animals, reduces the PH in the intestines and stomach, Calcium formate is beneficial to activate pepsinogen, promote digestion, and also has antibacterial effects.


Test Items


Method/Standard No.

Pb, mg/kg


GB/T 13080-2004

As, mg/kg


GB/T 13079-2006

Hg, mg/kg


GB/T 13081-2006

Cd, mg/kg


GB/T 13082-1991

Water Insoluble Matter, %


GB/T 9738-2008


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