The Sweetness Of Different Sweeteners (2)


Sorbitol can be made by the reduction of glucose, its sweetness is equivalent to that of glucose.

Sorbitol can be slowly absorbed and utilized in the body, and the blood sugar level does not increase. It is also a good humectant and surfactant.


The sweetness of steviol glycosides is 250 to 450 times that of sucrose, with a slight astringency.

Steviol glycosides can be used to enhance the sweetness of chlorinated sucrose, aspartame and cyclamate.2


The sweetness of xylitol is equivalent to that of sucrose, and it can absorb a lot of calories when dissolved in water.

Xylitol is the one with the largest endothermic value among all sugar alcohol sweeteners.


D-mannitol has a cool and sweet taste. The sweetness is about 57% to 72% of that of sucrose. 1 Grams D-mannito produces 8.37J of calories, which is about half of glucose.


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