The Right Way To Use Sweeteners

1When using sweeteners, it is necessary to determine different dissolution methods, stirring methods and other pretreatment methods according to different products.

(1) The taste of most sweeteners is close to that of sucrose, but some products have more or less licorice aftertaste. So it is necessary to exclude the licorice flavor while maintaining the sweetness characteristics.

(2) According to standard, the amount of sweetener used is “appropriate use according to production needs”. Although sweeteners are not limited-use products, they should be used in accordance with different product standards and control the appropriate amount.

3(3) If the sweetener is used to increase sweetness, improve taste, and reduce cost, and the sugar content of the product is still within the standard, it can be used directly;

If the sugar content of the product is not meet the standard due to the use of sweeteners, it should be reported to the relevant department for approval before it can be used.

The knowledge of food additives has almost become an indispensable problem in the process of food preparation. It is best to use a food safety detector to test it after the preparation is completed.


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