The Available Range Of Stevioside Has Been Changed

(1) Stevioside 

Stevioside is a common sweetener and widely used in food. But it can not be added to all kinds of products. According to the related standard, stevioside is allowed to be used in food categories such as candied fruits, candies, and cakes.


While according to the latest national food safety standard and food additives use standard, the available range of stevioside has be expanded. Many other kinds of food can be used stevioside as sweetener!

In addition to the above categories, stevioside can also be used as sweeteners for pickled vegetables, fermented vegetable products, new type of soybean products.

Stevioside can also be used to improve the taste of cocoa products, chocolate and chocolate products, including cocoa butter substitute chocolate and related products.

Stevioside 1

(2) Acesulfame-K

Acesulfame-K is allowed to be used in bakery, beverages and other food categories.

According to the new regulations, as a sweetener, acesulfame-K can also be used in dried bean curds and instant grains, including rolled oats (flakes), cakes, tea beverages, and wine.

Stevioside 2

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