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Product Name:                            Konjac Gum
Type:                                           Thickeners
CAS No.:                                     37220-17-0
Model Number:                           RG37220-17-0
Appearance:                               Odorless, white or light yellow fine powder
Place of Origin:                           China (Mainland)
Stability:                                      Stable

Note: Custom specification manufactures can be provided according to user requirements.


Product performance

Konjac Gum is the main component of konjac glucomannan, it is a kind of low-calorie, low protein, high dietary fiber food, and of more than ten kinds of amino acids and trace elements, as a functional food, the high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, constipation, have certain curative effect, can detoxify the body toxins and waste, prevent colon cancer.



(1) Konjac Gum is widely used as a food and food additive.
(2) As a thickener and stabilizer, Konjac Gum can be added to jelly, jam, juice, vegetable juice, ice cream, ice cream and other cold drinks, solid drinks, seasoning powder and soup powder.
(3) As a binder, Konjac Gum can be added to noodles, rice noodles, skewers, meatballs, ham sausages, bread and pastries to enhance strength and keep fresh.
(4) As a gel, Konjac Gum can be added to various kinds of soft candies, candies and crystal sugars, and can also be used to make bionic foods.


Storage Condition

Store in a sealed container and place in a cool, dry place.


Technical Parameters

Product Konjac Gum
Mesh ≥120%
Viscosity ≥25,000mpas
(1% aqueous solution)
Moisture (%) ≤11
Glucomannan ≥85%
Pb(mg/kg) ≤1.0
As(mg/kg) ≤3.0
SO2(ppm) ≤900
PH 5~7
Total Plate Count ≤5000
Mould & Yeast (cfu/g) ≤100
Ash (%) ≤5
Starch (%) ≤1
Protein (%) ≤1.5
Coliform Negative in 5g
Salmonella Absent in 12.5g
E. coli Absent in 5g
Odor No odor
Appearance White free flowing powder
Molecular Weight 500 000 to 2000 000 dalton
Shelf Life 2years
Package 25kgs/bag or carton Inner food
grade plastic bag, outer of paper bag



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