Magnesium Caseinate For Health Product

Product Name:                         Magnesium Caseinate
Type:                                        Emulsifiers, Thickener
Packing:                                   15Kg/ carton
Shelf Life:                                 12 months
Storage:                                    Rain proof, moisture proof, insect proof and rat proof
Place of Origin:                         China


This product is made of edible casein after soaking, adding soluble magnesium salt, and reacting with casein to convert casein into hydroaropic substance, which can be used as an additive for reconstituted food. In this way, our product solved the defects in foods or medicines supplemented that trace elements are precipitated in the human body; In addition, due to casein is easily digested and absorbed in the human body, the phosphoserine can promote the absorption of divalent magnesium ions in the body, which has as the characteristics of strengthening protein, thickening, emulsifying and foaming etc., Magnesium Caseinate is also can be widely used in food.


Due to the characteristics of supplementing trace elements, thickening, emulsifying and foaming, Magnesium Caseinate can be used as a food additive in food processing industries, such as nutritional beverages, cheese, yoghurt and bread.

Technical Parameters

Item Specification
Moisture(102℃) 4.3%
Protein(Nx6.38) 92.8%
Protein on dry matter 96.8%
Lactose 0.2%
Fat 0.8%
Ash(825℃) 3.4%
PH(10% sol. 20℃) 6.9
Sodium 300mg/kg
Potassium 100mg/kg
Calcium 1100mg/kg
Magnesium 0.81%
Scorched Particles(ADPI) Disc A
Solubility in water 99.6%
Standard plate count <50/g
Sulphite reducing Clostridia <10/g
Sulphite reducing Clostridia <5/g
Yeast& moulds <10/g
Enterobacteriaceae <1/g
Coag. Pos. Staphylococci neg. in 10g
E.coli neg. in 10g
Salmonella neg. in 750g


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