Food Grade Sodium Polyacrylate PAAS

Product Name:                        Sodium Polyacrylate / Polyacrylic Acid Sodium / PAAS
Type:                                       Thickeners
CAS No.:                                 9003-4-7
EINECS No.:                           999-999-2
Molecular Formula:                 (C3H3NaO2) n
Molecular Weight:                    >30 million
Appearance:                            White powder
Viscosity:                                 800-1000 mpa) s (0.2% aqueous solution, 25 ℃)
PH:                                          7-9 (0.1% aqueous solution, 25 ℃)
Place of Origin:                        Shanghai, China


Sodium Polyacrylate(PAAS) is a water-soluble macromolecule compound with strong function of thickening and water retention. It has high purity, stable performance, no smell, no smell and no corruption for a long time. It is beautiful

Food additives approved by FDA, ministry of health of Japan and ministry of health of China are harmless to human body and easy to preserve and store.


(1) Noodle industry (flour, noodle, bread, dumpling wrappers, wonton wrappers, tang-yuan). PAAS can enhance protein adhensive of flour and prevent soluble starch and nutrient from seepage. It can make dough more extensive, improve the texture and taste, inhibit bread and other food from drying caused by natural aging. In the fried food, such as instant noodles, PAAS can make oil fully dispersed in the dough, reduce the absorption rate of oil and save oil.

(2) Bean vermicelli, bean noodles, bean sheet jelly PAAS can highly increase the flexibility and boiling fastness of vermicelli, bean starch sheets made from sweet potato, corn, oat, potato,etc.

(3) Ice industry. As a mixed emulsifier stabilizer and dispersant composition of the ingredients, it can partially replace guar gum,CMC, and so on.. Enhance the effect at lower costs.

(4) Meat products. It is used for meat processing, such as sausage, meatballs, artificial meat, increasing the viscosity and ductibility of protein fibers and taste.

(5) Cream and jam. PAAS can be used as thickener and stabilizer in flavoring source, ketchup, jam and cream,improving its taste and texture and maintaining its shape for long time.

Technical Parameters

Test Items Standard Test Result
Appearance White powder Conform
Viscosity(1%solution,25°C)·mPa.s 3000~5000 4760
PH 9.0~10.0 9.4
Residual monomer % ≤1.0


Oligomer(polymerization degree less than 1000) ≤5 2.8
Loss on drying % ≤10 6
Ignition residue% ≤76 72
Sulphate(as SO4) % ≤0.50 <0.50
Heavy metal (As)mg/kg ≤0.0004 <0.0001
Pb mg/kg <0.002 <0.002



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