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Product Name:             Epsilon Polylysine / ε-Polylysine / Ε-PL
Type:                            Preservatives
Packaging:                   Can be customized according to customer requirements
Storage:                       Closed, dry, protected from light and shade
Shelf Life:                     Under the condition of 0-10 ℃, the shelf life is 24 months
Place of Origin:            China


Epsilon Polylysine is a metabolite produced by the fermentation of Streptomyces. Epsilon Polylysine is a safe and efficient biological preservative polymerized by 25-30 lysine residues. It has a broad spectrum of bacteriostasis in acidic and slightly acidic environments.


Unique mechanism of action.
Studies have shown that Epsilon Polylysine can inhibit bacterial respiration to a certain extent. At the same time, Epsilon Polylysine also acts on cell membranes and protein synthesis systems, which binds to ribosomes to inhibit protein and enzyme synthesis.

Broad-spectrum antibacterial ability.
It has certain bacteriostatic effects on Gram-positive bacteria, Gram-negative bacteria, yeast and mold. At the same time, Epsilon Polylysine has a very good antibacterial effect on Gram-negative Escherichia coli and Salmonella which are not easily inhibited by other natural preservatives, and Epsilon Polylysine also has a certain inhibitory effect on heat-resistant Bacillus and some viruses.

Natural and safe.
Epsilon Polylysine and its hydrochloride are a kind of polypeptide with antibacterial effect produced by the amylase-producing Streptomyces coloromyces. Epsilon Polylysine is degraded into L-lysine which is necessary for human body in the body without any toxic and side effects.


Epsilon Polylysine is used as Preservatives in meat and meat products, rice and products, wheat flour and its products, cereal products, condiments, beverages, fruits, vegetables, beans, edible fungi, algae, nuts and seeds, etc.


Item Specifications
Purity >=95%
Loss on drying(%w/w) <=20
Ash(%w/w) <=2.0
Lead(mg/kg) <=10
Arsenic(mg/kg) <=5
Total plate count(cfu/g) <=10
Coliform bacteria(MPN/100g) <=30
Salmonella(/25g) Absent
Shelf Life 2 years


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