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Product Name:                       Agar Agar

CAS No.:                                9002-18-0
MF:                                         (C12H18O9)n
EINECS No.:                          232-658-1
Place of Origin:                       China (Mainland)
Appearance:                           From white to light yellow
Boiling Point:                           85-95 °C
Raw Material:                          Gracilaria/ Gelidium     
Functions:                               Gelling agent, stabilizer, thickener    
Shelf Life:                                24 months 


Product Performance

Agar Agar powder is a mixture of a neutral, dominating polysaccharide called “Agarose” and a charged polymer called “Agaropectin”. The agarose is composed of (1-4) linked 3,6-anhydro -a- – L – galactose alternating with (1-3) linked – b – D – galactose.

As a soluable jelly, especially in boiled water Agar Agar powder has two states: strip and powder. Even lowed the density to 1%,Agar Agar powdeer can still be relatively stable jelly, thus has an important character in industry, being the necessary materials in Food Industry, Chemaical Industry and Medicine and Sience Research.



(1) Food Industry: as gelatinizing and stabilizing agent used in candy, jelly, yokan, canned food, ham and sausages. As thickening and stablilizing used in jam, peanut butter, sesame soy. As stablilizing agent used in ice cream, popsicle etc. As stage-defluocculant used in fruit juice and beverage. As clarigying agent used in wine, soy sauce, vinegar.

(2) Lowering blood liquid, expulsion of toxin and beautifying the skin.

(3) Bacterium culturing medium and microorganism carrier etc.


Storage & Package

Storage Condition: Product should store ventilated, sanitary, cool, dry place,avoid store with toxicant, harmful and caustic material.

Package Material: 25kgs in PE bag, food grade with outter kraft paper bag.


Shipping & Payment


(1) For small quantity by express, we prefer you pay via Western Union/Paypal or T/T

(2) For air or sea shipments via declaring Customs, you can pay it directly to our company account

(3) We can accept T/T &L/C


(1) Door to door service By Express for small quantity ( Less than 25kg). You can choose EMS/DHL/FEDEX/TNT.

(2) By air for more than 25kg, you’d better choose 50kg, because the freight is charged on basis of 45kg.

(3) By sea for more than 100kg. This is the best way to save the freight for you if the order is not urgent.


Certificate of Analysis

Test Item Standard Result
Appearance From white to light yellow From white to light yellow
Particle size (mesh) 95% min thru 80 mesh 80 mesh
Hot water insoluble matter (%) ≤1 0.16
Ash (%) ≤4 3.15
Ash (acid-insoluble) (%) ≤0.5 ≤0.5
Gelatin Not detectable Not detectable
Moisture (%) ≤15 10.8
Water absorption (ml) ≤75 Pass muster
Gel strength (1.5% w/w, 0.2% KCl) ≥900 950
Starch testing Iodine blue test is not significant Not blue
PH level of 6~8 7.22
Heavy metal (count by Pb ppm) ≤20 Conforms
Lead (ppm) ≤1 <1
Arsenic content (ppm) ≤1 Conforms
Dextrines Not detectable Not detectable
Maltodextrine Not detectable Not detectable
Sucrose Not detectable Not detectable
Conclusion Through analysis the quality of this batch number is approved.


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