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Product Name:                         Natamycin
Type:                                        Preservatives
CAS No.:                                  7681-93-8
EINECS No.:                            231-683-5
Appearance:                             White to creamy white powder
Molecular Formula:                  C33H47NO13
Molecular Weight:                    665.73
Shelf-life:                                  2 years

Structural Formula



Natamycin, also known as pimaricin and sometimes sold as Natacyn, Natamycin is a naturally occurring antifungal agent produced during fermentation by the bacterium Streptomyces natalensis, commonly found in soil.

Natamycin has a very low solubility in water; however, natamycin is effective at very low levels. Its minimum inhibitory concentration is less than 10 ppm for most molds.


(1) Natamycin has been used for decades in the food industry as a hurdle to fungal outgrowth in dairy products and other foods. Natamycin can be as an aqueous suspension (such as mixed into a brine) sprayed on the product or into which the product is dipped, or in powdered form (along with an anticaking agent such as cellulose) sprinkled on or mixed into the product.

(2) As a food additive, Natamycin has E number E235. Throughout the European Union, Natamycin is only approved as a surface preservative for certain cheese and dried sausage products.

(3) Natamycin has a good anti-mildew effect on the moon, baked goods, meat products, salad drinks and other fields.

(4) Natamycin is used to treat fungal infections, including Candida, Aspergillus, Cephalosporium, Fusarium, and Penicillium. Natamycin is applied topically as a cream, in eye drops, or (for oral infections) in a lozenge.


Item Specification
Appearance White to creamy white powder
Purity 90.0%-100.0%
Loss on Drying 6.0%-9.0%
pH 5.0-7.5
Ash <=0.5%
Lead(mg/kg) <=5
Mercury(mg/kg) <=1
Arsenic(mg/kg) <=3
Total Plate Account(cfu/g) <=100
E.Coli N/A
Salmonella N/A
Listeria Monocyt N/A


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