Ethyl Chloroacetate Supplier 105-39-5

Product Name:            Ethyl Chloroacetate
Type:                           Agrochemical Intermediates, Flavor & Fragrance Intermediates
CAS No.:                    105-39-5
MF:                             C4H7ClO2
EINECS No.:               203-294-0
Purity:                         99%
Application:                 Agrochemical Intermediates
Appearance:               Colorless transparent liquid
Molecular Weight:      122.55
Melting point:              -26 °C
Boiling point:              143°C
Density:                      1.145 g/ml
Hazardous Class:       6.1
HS:                             2915900090
Place of Origin:           Shandong, China (Mainland)



Ethyl chloroacetate is colorless transparent liquid with pungent, irritating odor. It is insoluble in water, ethanol and ether.



(1) Packaging: 200L/drum or as required
(2) Shelf Life: 2 years when properly stored.
(3) Storage: Preserve in tightly sealed, light and oxygen resistant containers.
(4) Delivery: Prompt delivery after payment confirmed by air courier or by sea.



(1) As industrial solvent
(2) As a raw material for spices, it is used as a main raw material for fruit flavors such as pineapple, banana, strawberry, and spices such as whiskey and cream. Ethyl Chloroacetate is made of spices and can be used as a blend of white wine and spices.
(3) As a binder, it is used in the production of printing inks and artificial pearls.
(4) As an extractant for the production of pharmaceuticals, organic acids, etc.


Technical Parameters

Form Clear 
Color Colorless
Odor Pungent
Odor threshold No data available
Melting point/freezing point -26°C (-15°F) pH No data available
Boiling point/range 143°C (289°F) Vapor pressure 0.45kPa/20°C
Decomposition temperature No data available Vapor density 4.2
Relative density 1.15 Dynamic Viscosity No data available
Kinematic Viscosity No data available  
Partition coefficient 1.28 Evaporation rate No data available
n-octanol/water (log Pow)   (Butyl Acetate = 1)  
Flash point 57°C (135°F) Autoignition temperature 452°C (846°F)
Flammability (solid, gas) No data available Flammability or explosive limits Lower:2.6%Upper:No data available
Solubility(ies)  Water: Insoluble (1.23g/100mL, 20°C)Miscible: Ether, AlcoholsSoluble: Benzene


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