Factory Price Carrageenan

Product Name:    Carrageenan
Type:                   Kappa Refined,Kappa Semi-refined,Iota refined, semi-iota refined Carrageenan Food Grade
Appearance:       White
CAS No:              9000-07-1
Appearance:       White powder
Paticle Size:        Min 95% Pass 120 Mesh
Shelf Life:            2 years
EINECS No:        234-350-2
Place of Origin:   China (Mainland)
QC:                     HALAL,KOSHER,ISO,HACCP



Carrageenan (also called carrageen gum) is a kind of natural polysaccharide hydrophilic gum extracted from sea plant – red algae and, normally, is white or yellow in the form of powder, odorless and tasteless.

The gel forming Carrageenan is of heat reversibility. I. E., the gel turns into solution when being heated and turns back to gel again as soon as the solution is cooled.

Carrageenan possesses very favorable water-solubility and starts melting at 70, and absolutely melts at 80. Meanwhile, it features fine stability so that long-term placement may not reduce its gelling intensity and viscosity.

The product won’t be hydrolyzed even if being heated in neutral and alkaline solution. When combined with konjac gum, locust bean gum and some other kind of gums, Carrageenan can give a remarkable performance for synergism and distinctly alter its gelling characteristics so as to make the gel full of elasticity and water preserving capability.



(1) In food industry,carrageenan can be used as gelling agent, thickener, stabilizer, suspending agent and clarifier, and can be used in products such as soft candy, jelly, sausage, canned meat, ice cream, beverage, condiment, milk, bionic food, jam, canned thick soup, beer, bread, pet food and so on.

(2) In pharmaceutical industry, Carrageenan can be used as medicine suspending agent and dispersant, and can be used to produce capsule products etc.

(3) In daily chemical industry, it can be used in toothpaste, detergent, cosmetics and air freshener.


Storage Condition

Product should store ventilated, sanitary, cool, dry place, avoid store with toxicant, harmful and caustic material.


Technical Parameters

Inspection Items Specifications Results
Appearance White to yellowish powder or granule Qualified
Particle size(120 mesh) 95% passed Qualified
Viscosity(1.5%、75℃),mPa·s ≥5 145
Gel strength(TA.XT) (1.5%+0.2%KCl,20℃),g/cm 2 ≥1450 1680
Loss on drying(105℃、4h),w/% ≤12.0 10.7
Ash (550℃),w/% 15-40 22.3
pH(1%) 8~11 8.7
Sulphates (SO 4 2- ),w/% 15-40 Qualified
Acid-insoluble ash,w/% ≤1 Qualified
Acid-insoluble matter,w/% ≤2 Qualified
Lead (Pb) ,mg/kg ≤5.0 Qualified
Arsenic (As),mg/kg ≤3.0 Qualified
Mercury(Hg),mg/kg ≤1.0 Qualified
Cadmium(Cd),mg/kg ≤2.0 Qualified
Total plate count (CFU/g) ≤5000 100
Yeast and moulds (CFU/g) ≤300 Qualified
E.Coli Absent in 5g Qualified
Salmonella Absent in 10g Qualified
Conclusion Conform to enterprise standard
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