Food Health Supplement Vitamin B6

Product Name:                          Vitamin B6; Pyridoxine Hydrochloride; Pyridoxine HCl
Chemical Name:                       5-hydroxy-6-methyl-3, 4- pyridine dimethanol hydrochloride
CAS No.:                                   58-56-0
Type:                                         Vitamin
Applicable Scope:                     Feed additive, food additive, bulk pharmaceutical chemical.
Molecular Formula:                   C8H11NO3·HCl
Molecular Weight:                     205.64
Pharmacopeia for Reference:   USP, BP, EP and ChP.

Structural Formula


Physicochemical Properties

The product is a white crystal powder, odorless, sour and bitter in taste. Its melting point is 205~209℃ (decomposable), and it is sublimable. Vitamin Bis easily soluble in water (1: 45), slightly soluble in ethanol (1: 90) and acetone, soluble in chloroform and insoluble in ether. Its water solution is acid, and the 10% water solution has a pH of about 3.2. 

Clinical Application

(1) For the treatment of congenital low metabolic function.
(2) To prevent and treat VB6 deficiency.
(3) To supplement VB6 for patients with an increased consumption of VB6.
(4) For the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.


Non-medical Applications

(1) One of the indispensable elements in compound feed designed to promote the growth and development of young animals.
(2) An additive in food and beverages to enrich their nutrition.
(3) An additive in cosmetics to stimulate the growth of hair and protect the skin.
(4) An ingredient in plant culture mediums to promote the growth of the plant.
(5) A chemical used to treat the surface of polycaprolactam products in industrial production to strengthen its heat stability.


25 kg/carton or fiber can, or 500 kg/ton bag. It is sealed for storage, away from light.


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