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Other Names:Cassia gum

Place of Origin:China (Mainland)

Type:Acidity Regulators, Antioxidants, Chewing Gum Bases, Colorants, Emulsifiers, Enzyme Preparations, Flavoring Agents, Nutrition Enhancers, Preservatives, Stabilizers, Sweeteners, Thickeners

Model Number:RG9005-38-3

Product Name:Cassia gum


Product Name Cassia gum
Introduction Cassia gum is a naturally occurring polymer with mannose and galactose as Cassia gum repeating units.
Cassia gum forms high viscosity by swelling in water after Cassia gum boiled. Cassia gum is the purified
flour from the endosperm of the seeds of cassia obtusifolia and cassia tora which belong to the
leguminosae family. These seeds are generally contaminated with seeds from C.occidentalis . The seeds
that are used in the production of cassia gum are generally picked randomly from these contaminated seeds.
Storage Store in cool & dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.
Appearance White Powder

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